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The Nose Knows

 Scent Detection
Mondays at 6:00 pm & 7:30
Instructor: Rosemary Holtz

Have you ever wanted to try Scent Detection with your dog?
Dogs experience a world of smells that we barely perceive.  Teaching your dog to search for and indicate the presence of a particular odor provides mental stimulation in a low pressure setting by tapping into their interest in the world of scent. Whether you want to enter Scent Trials with various organizations or just enjoy a fun activity that builds bonds and enriches lives, T
he Noses Knows classes will help you and your dog reach your goals.

Intro To Scent
Dogs will be started directly onto the Wintergreen scent which will be provided to you in a training scent vessel for you to take home at the first class.  
Topics covered include: developing a dog's desire to find odor, introduction to scent behavior, setting level appropriate search puzzles and developing a handler's ability to read their dog's body language while searching.

Dogs in this class will focus on continuing to develop interior searching skills with more challenging hides and multiple hides using Wintergreen and Pine. Distractions and a variety of different containers types will be introduced.

For more information or to register, please email Rosemary at,


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