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First Thing's First 
Dog Training


Puppy Programs and Specialty Dog Training Classes for building strong Foundation Skills and Social Behaviors - right from the start.


We use positive reinforcement and shaping through Marker Training and Game Training to promote a love of learning that builds confidence, strengthens your relationship and teaches you how to train essential foundation behaviours and life skills.

Attention and Focus ☑️

Engagement ☑️

Love of Learning ☑️

Foundation Skills ☑️

Physical Stimulation ☑️

Mental Stimulation ☑️

K9 obedient classes are provided by FTF Dog Training and your instructor is Jamie Lynn Veraldi. Jamie has been training and trialing with her Golden Retrievers under the Eden Kennel prefix since 1998. She has put over 25 titles on her dogs including Working and Hunt Test titles, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Conformation and Trick Dog titles. Jamie originally started out teaching classes 20 years ago and still holds true to the philosophy that training classes should be a positive experience for the dog as well as affordable and effective for their owners. 

For more information about the obedience classes and how to register, please email Jamie 

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