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First Thing's First 
Dog Training

Puppy Programs and Specialty Dog Classes for building strong Foundation Skills and Social Behaviors - right from the start 

Training classes that are designed to help you start working with your puppy from the moment you bring him/her home. We use positive reinforcement and shaping through Marker Training to promote a love of learning that builds confidence, strengthens your relationship and teaches essential foundation behaviours and life skills.

Puppy Focus and Puppy Primer 

These classes are for puppies of all ages

Attention and Focus ☑️

Engagement ☑️

Love of Learning ☑️

Foundation Skills ☑️

Physical Stimulation ☑️

Mental Stimulation ☑️

Rock Star's: 

This class is for Returning Dogs who wish to advance in their training.  Dogs must have taken a previous FTF class or has previously been trained with Marker/Clicker training.

Really Reliable Recalls: 

Games for building quick and reliable Recalls. This class is open to dogs of all ages. do to the nature of this class and the excitement level dogs must not be people or dog reactive.

Come Again Recalls:

This class is a continuation of the Really Reliable Recalls class and is open to all returning FTF puppies and dogs. 

Fundamentals Class:

Engagement and game training for adolescent puppies and older dogs who are young at heart. .

Private One-To-One Lessons : 

- Need to prepare your dog for attending group classes?

- Want guidance for the training you've been doing on your own?

- Prefer Individual attention without the distractions of a class setting?
Contact to arrange

$75 Per hour

For more information or to register for

classes or workshops please contac

These classes are provided by Eden Kennels and your instructor is Jamie Veraldi. Jamie has been training and trialing with her Golden Retrievers under the Eden Kennel prefix since 1998. She has put several titles on her dogs including Working and Hunt Test titles, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Conformation and Trick Dog titles.

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