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Love Laugh Learn!

The Puppy Primer class is ideal for starting very young puppies off on the right foot. Puppies are always learning whether we are training them or not. By starting an early training and socialization program from the moment you bring them home, we can take advantage of their own natural instinct using positive reinforcement to shape their behaviour in the direction we want. Our puppies quickly learn to pay attention to us and develop a love

of learning and training which builds confidence and strengthens our relationship.

The Puppy Focus Class is designed for puppies of all ages and uses the same method to teach older puppies all the foundation skills needed to help them become valued family members.

Puppy Primer - 8 weeks to 16 weeks if age​ Puppy Focus - 16 weeks of age and up

Starting November 7, 2022 Every Monday night for 5 weeks. $180 Register Now

Puppy Rock Star - This class is for Returning Puppies who wish to advance in their training. Puppies must have taken a previous FTF class or has previously been trained with Marker/Clicker training.

$180 Contact Us for Further Information ********************************

Semi Private - For motivated owners wanting more individualized attention.

3 dog min/max $245 Start date and time to be determined.

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